December 2016 Newsletter

Posted 2016-12-09

New Season, New Watering Schedule. North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) want to remind you that during the fall and winter months, North Texas lawns require little to no supplemental watering. But don't just take our word for it.

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April 2016 Newsletter

Posted 2016-04-14

When it comes to watering, less means more. Between April 1 and Oct. 31, set your sprinkler’s control box to manual and water only when needed.

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October 2015 Newsletter

Posted 2015-10-13

In the fall and winter, lawns go dormant and don’t need watering. This means that after Halloween we can give our sprinklers a rest until St. Patrick’s Day. This year, just enjoy your kid’s leftover candy, sleep in, and don’t worry too much about taking down the haunted mansion you’ve constructed in the front yard.

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August 2015 Newsletter

Posted 2015-08-11

With the end of summer in sight, and fall only a month or so away, it’s important to keep up with what our lawns need — and don’t need — during the changing seasons.

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Summer 2015 Newsletter

Posted 2015-06-08

North Texas has received a lot of rain lately. But saving water remains a top priority for Texans scorched by the recent drought. A new poll found that 84 percent believe we should continue to conserve water or only water lawns when needed.

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Water4Otter Press Release

Posted 2014-11-03

Six-Foot-Tall Otter Visiting North Texas Schools Groundbreaking water conservation campaign will show students how to spot water waste

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The Benefits of Installing a Rain Barrel

Posted 2014-08-25

More and more, North Texas residents are installing rain barrels to collect rainwater that would otherwise become runoff.

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